Our Chiropractic Services
Whether you are suffering from arthritis of the joints, back pain from an auto accident or migraines, United Chiropractic can offer pain management or therapy options for all of your unique chiropractic needs. To help you better understand some of the services we offer and more common ailments we have experience in treating, we’ve included short descriptions below.

Sleep Apnea, Neck and Arm Pain, Injured Workers
Arthritis is common and can affect various parts of the body including joints in the spine, knees, fingers, wrist and shoulders. Affected joints can lose their shape and cause various amounts of chronic pain


This is an injury to various parts of the cervical spine or neck muscles and is a common result of auto accidents or falls. Strain happens when muscles and in those areas are hyper-flexed or over extended. 

Sports Injuries

Various sports including football, soccer, weightlifting, wrestling and gymnastics can cause a number of injuries to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues of both adults and children.


Osteoporosis is a gradual and chronic disintegration of bone strength and density; it can weaken bones and joints making them prone to fractures and causing you daily pain.
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